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Roland TD11Kv

Roland TD11kv


After recently building a studio I was looking into padding it out with some gear, standard stuff, Drum Kit, cymbals, kick pedals, stack of different snare drums, more cymbals, more snare drums, and finally spares, you know just encase I needed them. 

Doing some shopping around I took a gander at the Roland Kit, this kit was sitting in the music shop, just waiting for all the drummers in there to jump on and show the whole world why they born to ROCK, now lets not judge them, we all do it, Young, Old, Male, Female.  You see an electric kit in the shop, first question to the assistant "can I borrow some sticks". 

My first thought was I like playing it in the shop but not really keen on buying one, however, once on there I loved it 

  • Real feel mesh pads
  • Awesome kick return
  • Excellent cross stick
  • High Hat response overwhelming

For me this ticked all the boxes and when I bought it, all I could think was why hadn't I done this years ago.  It has everything and more.

Am I going to go through all the tech parts, what it weighs, voltage, etc. etc. NO, that's for Proper reviewers.

I am here to say that this piece of equipment is awesome, its excellent for beginners to the more advance drummers and all the way through to the experts, The feel of the drum kit rivals some acoustic kits i have played, and it feels natural.

Price is a bit out there I am not going to lie, so you may need to save up for this before you buy, but its perfect for the bedroom and when you put the headphones in parents can rest in piece that you aren't going to hear a thing.

What's the down side i hear you ask, Plastic clips are a bit flimsy which hold your cables on to your rack, however buy some Velcro straps and use them, I prefer to do that any way 

High-hat pedal is not as smooth as i would like, BUT does the job.

Triple-T Drumming is going to rate this 8/10

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