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Mike Dolbear

By Matthew Thomas aged 9

Mike has been a professional drummer for over 30 years!!!  Now that’s a long time to be a ‘professional’ drummer, don’t you agree?

Michael Hutchinson is my drum teacher and Mike Dolbear’s teachers were Kenny Clare, Max Abrams and last but not least Bob Armstrong.   3 drum teachers, I only have onebut he is really good.

Mike and a group of his, started a competition, its called young drummer of the year, and I myself would  absolutely love to enter this when I’m older. The winner this year is Euan Leslie.

Mike has also been on BBC, ITV and CBBC.  Furthermore he is very good on You Tube, not just on TV.  His videos are very well prepared and interesting to watch.

Over 18 years ago he set up a teaching studio and taught students there.  Moreover he was asked in 2011 to audition and teach 1000 student drummers, which he did in2012 for the Olympic opening ceremony.

Mike wrote a book called Rhythms and Fills, it became the most biggest selling tutor book in Europe.

My opinion about Mike Dolbear is he has enhanced the drum environment with all of  the things he has done for 30 years and I am glad he has done this.

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