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Mike Dolbear – Professional Drummer Report

Mike Dolbear, who has been drumming for over 30 years, and has greatly contributed to many projects and events, including musicals and avenues.  He has set up a teaching studio and tutored others to drum for 18 years, looked over the annual Young Drummer of the Year competition with his team, and has ran the Ultimate Drumming Experience advanced drum-course for 6 years.

Playing Style and Genre Style

While Mike has shown that he can play plenty of different styles, he plays in (and seems more enthusiastic in) the Jazz genre, in which the high and low volumes played in that style are used to make his music more ranged.

He holds his sticks tightly at the base when making double strokes (traditional and matched) and uses mostly his wrist to push the quick movement.

His high-to-medium-tempo fills during his solos make use of all of the drums and cymbals around the kit, making his music non-restricted. He also seems likely to create a metronome of some kind, usually with the hi-hat, which also adds a small background addition to the solo.

Helping in the 2012 Olympics:

To help with the training of over one-thousand volunteering drummers who played during 2012’s Olympic Games, Mike was given the task of coordinating each of the drummers in November 2011, as asked by Ralph Salmins.

During the auditioning of the drummers in 100-person batches, Mike thought that there was a low standard on what the drums meant as set by the organisation committee. When the amount of people qualified started dropping over the 3-day period, Rick Smith stepped in to help, and more auditions and advertising for possible drummers was suggested by Mike. He mainly taught his auditioners the vocalisation method (linking certain rudiments and playing patterns to words/pitches) to the drummers so that the rhythms they play in the song can be easily remembered.

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