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Mike Dolbear

Olympic Games.

Mike was part of the 2012 Olympic Games he held the auditions for the drummers, there was one thousand drummer in the opening ceremony. He auditioned 1500 people it the period of three days. Mike said “the hardest job on the night was keeping everyone calm and if you were on TV you would be forgotten in five minutes.” Didyou know that 60% were drummers and 40% were not.

Changed the drumming community.

Mike has changed the drumming community by bringing them together in the year 2000 he opened his website called with the hope that it would encourage drummer all over the world to come together.

Information on Mike Dolbear.

Mike has been a professional drummer for 30 years he has worked with some of the biggest teachers such as Kenny Clare, Max Abrams and Bob Armstrong. He has worked with a variety of different musical genre including TV, musical theatre, backing cabaret cover bands and in the studio.

Mike Dolbear wrote a book (which is a best seller drum tutorial book in Europe) that is called “Rhythm and Fills.”  Which is sold in over 100 countries and has been translated into eight languages

Michael is such a fan girl to Mike Dolbear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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