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Bass drum technique

Everyone wants to have a good solid bass drum technique BUT do not know where to start.

We need to have some basic, yet important systems in place to achieve a good speed from our bass drum.  One of the techniques is to drop the weight of our knee.

To do this ensure you are 

  • Not sitting to close to the bass drum and your leg is not tucked under you 
  • ensure that you are sat on the edge of your seat and not restricting the movement of your thigh 
  • Keep your toe intact with the bass pedal 
  • Lift the heel up 
  • drop the weight of the knee so the heel comes in contact with the pedal 
  • relax those toes so the beater rebounds of the skin and does not sit on the skin 
  • Repeat 

This will be explained in a video lesson next week

now once you have this motion we can now utilise these exercises to really get that foot working and remember to do the same with the left foot also.

16th Note Bass Drum Exercises


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