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 Paradiddle Diddle

Hey Triple-T Drumming Family

So here is the last single rudiment in this series, the Paradiddle diddle

This rudiment consists of 2 single taps followed by two diddles which will make 6 notes, this is normally played in a triplet feel however below I am giving you two different ideas on how to apply this.

The first is in a traditional sense, played in triplets, taken over 1 Bar 

Paradiddle Diddle in Triplets

This next one is Played in 16th note semiquavers which will need to be taken over 3 Bars to complete (by complete I mean to land on your lead hand on the first note of a bar)

Paradiddle Diddle in 16th Notes

Take a look at both exercises, get used to the sticking R-L-R-R-L-L and then advance\apply in your playing, remember that these exercises are just the beginning, use them and apply to your own style and make them awesome

Let me know how you get on, whack me an email by clicking Here..........

See you soon.

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