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 Building Hand Speed, A drummers worst nightmare.

What steps do we need to take when building hand speed, well, what I know for sure is hand speed requires practice, practice and more practice, it needs to be built into our rehearsal time, not just done when attempting a fast 16th, or 32nd note fill.

The 3 main things we need are 

  • Control (Both Right and Left hands)
  • Dynamics 
  • Independence 

So part 1 of this is Control and Dynamics, we need to build control in order to speed up.  To get the control we need to add in dynamics.

To do this successfully, start with the Right hand, adding the dynamics at 80 Bpm, DO NOT SPEED UP AT THIS POINT

Next start with the Left hand at the same speed, and get comfortable with this, make it feel natural, don't tense your muscles and if you are, relax them.

Work through all the exercises at 80 Bpm, once your comfortable with the left lead and right lead move your metronome count up and do it again and again.

Take a look at Part 1 and let me know if this is working for you, it sure did with me.

Building Speed Part 1

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