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Time Signature Change

Hi Everyone, so as the title states in this lesson we are going to learn how to change time signature in our playing, we are also going to learn how to apply a linear fill and think about how we can change it to fit and sound amazing.

Time Signature:

Changing time signature in the middle of a groove can be challenging, what the trick to do it successfully, well its simple COUNT COUNT and of course COUNT 

If we are playing 4/4 which means the Top 4 is 4 beats in a bar and the Bottom 4 which means what note value we are playing which in this instance is crotchets (Quarter Notes) then count 1 2 3 4, when we change time and move over to 3/4 which is 3 beats in a bar and the note value of 4 crotchets then we count 1 2 3.


What does linear mean in drum kit work well its really simple.

Linear is a style of playing in which no two limbs ever play the same note at the same time. This style of playing is seen across several genres of music including Rock, Funk, Latin, Jazz etc

For my private students we have done many a linear fill but we are going to move this up a notch, i want you to take note of the great Mike Johnston, who in my eye is the master of linear, study some of his work before lesson on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (which ever day you are on) and let me hear some of your Linear Ideas.

Check out the lesson below and let me see you nail it in lesson.

Time Signature Change and Linear


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