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After-school Clubs 

These are a great introduction to children interested in playing the drums, including children who are already learning to play with a private tutor.

Normally with a group of 7-8 children we spend up-to an hour, showing children the basics of playing the drums including rudiment work and reading music.

We set-up two drum-kits in your school, and get the children to each take a turn together, building team work as well as confidence.

At the end of term, we will try and put on a Drum Recital for the parents, showing them what we have learned, and each child will get up and play something.

Each child will receive a certificate from Triple-T Drumming Ltd after the term period (or longer) is up.

Triple-T Drumming Ltd will ensure that, in accordance with your school policies, children are collected by the designated parent or carer, and or walk home themselves, as long as they have a signed form from there parent or carer and this has been confirmed by the school.

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