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Spending a Half or Full day in school is a fantastic opportunity to really gauge which of your children are budding musicians, having that time in your school also helps us to connect with the children, understanding that not all children wish to play a musical instrument, there will always be one child who is the next Dave Grohl 

We offer everything including the assembly, but you can also choose how you would like us to spend our time in your school. 

We normally spend a period of time with each class showing them how to play a standard rock beat, showing them Hand technique and Foot technique's, however you can choose, and you are in charge. 

If you would like us to spend our time with certain children as a reward, spend it working with a certain Key Stage that is your choice, and we are happy to discuss your needs, and tailor our time to you, you know your children better than us, so the decision is all yours. 

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